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Pornography access to be Aadhaar linked

27, Mar 2017 By Mukesh Kamath

Consumers of internet were in for a rude shock this Monday, 27th March,2017. The government published a press note that stated it intends to Aadhaar link all access to pornography sites.

Government had recently suggested to the matrimonial sites to use of Aadhaar as an optional KYC. Several matrimonial sites heeded to this suggestion. They are using Aadhaar to authenticate some of their user profiles. Several dating apps have sprung up in the country too. They are trying all means possible to bring about change in the partner searching process of Indians.

Government's new move
Government’s new move

Experts consider Aadhaar linking of porn access as an attack on fundamental rights of the citizens. While the government calls it as a crack down on sex offenders, paedophiles, habitual porn surfers and wayward juveniles. It has taken this extreme step which even the most ruthless of regimes may hesitate to take.

Research firms have long predicted high demand for internet pornography in India. In fact people spend more than 20% of their surfing time on accessing pornography. Some of the techies vouch for the fact that their managers routinely access porn from their offices.

What does the supreme court have to say on this?

Supreme court is studying porn consumption in India through internet. It has tried controlling the uploading of violent rape videos and child pornography. It said there will be no restriction on watching pornographic content within the confines of four walls in India at least for the moment. Union home ministry too is seized of the issue of keeping tabs on objectionable content. As a result sites such as google, Facebook and twitter are now required to locate their servers within the country.

While the government’s intent is not doubted here, the means to achieve the ends are quite authoritarian to say the least. With aadhaar linking, the government hopes to exclude juveniles from accessing porn.