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Ponga Pandit of Varanasi

31, Mar 2014 By khakshar

It has been reported earlier too that Mr. Narendra Modi on his last visit to Varanasi had met an Astro Palmist  who also is a horoscope reader on the by lanes of  the sacred city.

The famous “Pandit Ponga Shastri ” is much sought after now a days. The meeting between Pandit Ji and PM aspirant was of course arranged by Mr.Amit Shah.

Ponga Pandit after much deliberations and astro calculations advised Mr.Modi to be careful of people having H, I, J, K, L, M and N in their first, middle or surnames. He also asked  if the  Gujarat CM   had all the while faced problems from people with these letters.

Mr.Shah clarified in affirmative about Nitish Kumar, Lal Krishan, Murali Manohar, Jaswant ,Joshi, KeshuBhai Duos , Hiren Pandya e.t.c.  Ponga Pandit has advised that the star constellation influenced apathy of letters will continue for some more years.

The well informed, suave, soft spoken “KhabariLal” of BJP , who makes most of media eat out of his palm, Mr.Arun Jaitley has gathered knowledge of the prophecies of Ponga Pandit and PM in waiting’s aversion to persons having names, middle names and surnames with the inauspicious letters. Once the election is over the Machiavellian Politician is contemplating to change his surname to “Baitley or Taitley”.

Meanwhile Sushma Ji also seems to get a wind of the situation and finding her name as an non stumbling block was all smiles when ex MP CM, Mr.Sunder Lal Patwa’s MLA nephew  put her name in forefront of deputy.

Meanwhile Mr.Amit Shah who knows a bit on Mr. Modi’s penchant of deputy was beaming through the by lanes of Kashi. RSS the Remote Sensing and Sourcing  is very upset on projections of Deputys.