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Politicians trying to get jailed in a bid to win elections

01, Mar 2014 By bg

After the publication of latest opinion poll results, anonymous sources from various investigative agencies  have informed faking news about a mad rush of politicians from various political parties trying to get jailed before the elections.

Lalu Prasad Yadav
Inspirational figure

This is directly attributed to the trend in the opinion polls, where it showed that some politicians’ electoral fortunes have taken a huge leap after they went to jail.

“Take the case of Lalu Yadav from Bihar. Everybody wrote off his political future till a few months ago. After spending a few months in jail, his popularity seems to have increased. Why shouldn’t I try the same?” asked a local leader from Jharkand, who aspires to become a state level leader after his arrest.

While the fortunes of Jagan Mohan Reddy, the prodigal son of YSR, have sky-rocketed after spending one-and-half years in jail on charges of corruption to the magnitude of thousands of crores, his main political rival in whatever is left of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Naidu, seems to be regretting that the couldn’t get himself arrested so far – a leader close to the ex-chief minister of AP revealed on condition of anonymity.

As the prisoners’ activities in jail doesn’t seem to be very different from what people seem to be doing outside, the politicians don’t seem to mind a few months in jail, if it lets them win elections and keep all their money as well.

“What’s wrong in going to jail? Didn’t a lot of our prime ministers and chief ministers go to jail along with Gandhi?” asked a leader from Mumbai. It’s the same leader who on an earlier occasion said that Gandhi is father of Indira Gandhi and that’s why he is called father of the nation, as he also knows that ‘India is Indira‘.

When one of these politicians was asked about the risks of being jailed on charges of corruption, when there is a new party of honest people that seems to have a magic bill pill that eradicates all the corruption in India, pat came the reply: “This is all nonsense. Even their internal surveys showed that they would get more votes if they go to jail, than for their promises. Even their leader tried unsuccessfully to get arrested. What do you think all that dharna drama near Rajpath was about?”