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Politicians' response to Rahul's debut interview

30, Jan 2014 By bhasadeswar

Arun Jaitley: Mumma! Rahul Gandhi wants to go to school. My earnest advice to Sonia Gandhi is that she must try to admit Rahul Gandhi to nursery school before Supreme Court orders are implemented. Watching his interview I realized the necessity of “Right to Education Act”.

Rajiv Shukla: What an interview! Rajiv Shukla wept through out the interview. The reminiscence of Rahul jee’s loss was overwhelming. Rajiv Shukla did not eat last night as Rajiv Shukla was so upset. Today morning when Rahul jee called Rajiv Shukla and asked to come and meet him after finishing breakfast, Rajiv Shukla had no choice but to eat his breakfast.

Manish Tiwari: To appreciate the interview, one has to understand who Rahul Gandhi is. His calmness and serenity has completely filled in the void in television which was created after Asharam and his son got arrested. To understand such a discourse is not everyone’s ability. One should not forget that to understand “Geeta” even Arjuna required divine ears. There were many hints stewed in the interview which indicated its divinity such as Rahul jee frequent reference to himself in third person.

Mani Shanker Ayer: I do not understand what’s wrong with the BJP. If Modi, who is no more a chaiwallah, can call himself “chaiwallah” thousand times in a speech, why Rahul jee cannot call himself Rahul Gandhi.

Ravishankar Prasad: As per my sources, Congress wanted Rahul to occupy some airtime and they decided to make him appear on Times Now where he was to recite “Twinkle twinkle little star” and “Machhali jal ki rani hai”, however, Arnab Gosawami caught him and started questioning.

Sanjay Jha: Narendra Modi says that he challenges Rahul Gandhi. This time Rahuljee has challenged him and this is for real. Rahuljee dared Modi to sit with Arnab Goswami within an arm’s length! And is it not a great service to the nation that because of Rahuljee’s sacrifice there was no “The Newshour” for that day.

Yogendra Yadav: If you analyze the interview, out of all the words used by Rahul Gandhi, 79.89% was Rahul Gandhi, 11.19% was system, 5.67% was father. Based on this analysis, AAP will get 303-345 seats in Loksabha election.

Kumar Vishwas: Rahul Gandhi ne jis kaali-peeli jawan mein ye interview diya hai usse sirf ek baat sidhya hoti hai ki unhone aajtak koi kavi-sammelan nahi dekha. Koi pagal samjhta hai koi badal samajhta hai.