Friday, 27th April, 2018

Politicians perceive picking perfectly

18, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Election is the mathematics of the total polled votes. The candidate who secures the highest numbers of the precious votes is declared the elected winner by the returning officer. The politicians remain confident of the candidate’s selection. As they know full well who is going to obtain maximum votes in the election. So, there is no patent tension on their part. The concluded presidential polls have a similar preface. Every leader is aware of the ultimate winner in the poll.

When the opposition parties remained divided at the Presidential polls, the path to give united fight in the next parliamentary elections looked a bit tricky. Irrefutably, the politicians see their comfort and convenience in the voting process. The Congress leader Sonia Gandhi described the contest against communal vision despite knowing the fact that the NDA candidate’s strong possibility of selection as the next President of India. However, she maintained that the battle must be fought and fought hard having confidence in values we believed in.

Although her fight for an inclusive, tolerant and pluralistic India gets locked yet the opposition parties were said to have cleared their opinionated mentality in this apex voting process.  What SP pursued might not be well for its adversaries. The BSP leader Mayawati was nowhere disturbed at the candidate’s selection but what mattered the most to her was an election of a Dalit candidate as the President of India. Farooq Abdullah came with LK Advani to vote for.  There was adequate hospitality at the voting.

Politics is definitely the course of opportunity mixed with circumstances. What demanded the politicians during the charged time of the voting was uppermost in their straight or shifty minds? One thing the political leaders show honestly. There is no uncertainty in it. It is nothing but their propensity towards changing sides in accordance with the persisting situation.