Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Why do politicians hide under hues?

12, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If chameleon changes its colour why do our politicians show affinity with colours ranging from white to red to blue to green to saffron? It appears a bit like politics. It has exposed the deficiencies in the democratic standard in the present circumstances. The political parties were found to be supporting different suitable colours in accordance with their political mood and easy convenience. One likes what other discards and further the third person snubs that indication. The rainbow has seven colours but the political parties run with more than these not many ideal hues. Though our national flag finds only three distinct colours viz. saffron, white and green, the politics possesses several surreptitious shades in our straight view.

No politician finds an accurate answer to the politicisation of the colour. Every political party defends one’s particular colour for its identification. But these bodies seem to have forgotten on the vital aspect of the colours which are always natural and certainly these tints did not cheat us like the wily and sly politicians. Those usual, normal, natural colourants merely expand the nature’s beauty all over the space. During the discussion on the political colour, the political persons remained too vociferous to defend their colourful views and none came clean over the high and mighty attitude behind the colours.

The marketing strategy also supports the diversion of colours as the same product can be put up for sale in a new acceptable colour. That particular colour becomes saleable in short time. The colour’s demand suddenly rises and the market goes blank by huge demand of one colour that receives enough liking from the single special colour followers. Fortunately, the people find themselves entrapped into the comfort of colour by this fresh trend. The crowd begins to recognise the colour that nears its political acceptance.