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Politicians clamour for one-upmanship in the fight for Flappy Bird

10, Feb 2014 By Delusional Desi

Never has one cause succeeded in uniting politicians from various parties in India. However, with news breaking about the end of the game “Flappy Bird” on the App Store, history has been proved wrong. BJP, Congress and AAP are all united against the creator of Flappy Bird for pulling the game.

Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird

Narendra Modi, in his address in the tech-city, Bangalore,  called the action anti-nationalist, privileged and dynastic. He said, “Just by the virtue of being the father of the game does not give you qualification to do anything. You must prove yourself before taking responsibilities such as these.”

Rahul Gandhi was not far behind. He said, “Flappy Birds provide the most basic amount of entertainment to women all across India. While we are trying to pass the seven Lok Sabha bills, we must empower these women so that they are not wasting time watching Parliament TV. Congress is all for empowering women, and they must be given Flappy Bird back.”

On the third corner, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has come up with a unique response. He is now on the way to Vietnam, where the founder of Flappy Bird lives, and plans to have a Dharna in front of his house. Said Arvind, “If he does not bring it back, we will continue the Dharna. If he does not understand even after the Dharna, I will resign as CM of Delhi.”

It is indeed fortunate for those of us living in this generation to see politicians united for such a cause. We wait with bated breath to see the outcome of this new revolution.