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Politician solemnised wedding for seat

05, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: A Corporator desirous of regaining his seat in the ensuing civic bodies’ poll has solemnised marriage just on the last day of the previous month. He adopted this course simply to regain the same position. As the sitting leader could not contest the election owing to shifting of the Ward into the female category following the delimitation procedures, this remained the lone option to secure the seat once again by this marital way. Once decided finally, he wasted no time in approaching the family seer for the appropriate date and he eventually got the opportunity to tie the knot.

However, this Corporator from Nawabganj area performed the marriage ceremony in order to become able to bring his wife into electoral battle. His thought resembled of his political motive in gaining the macro benefit. After completion of the essential seven rounds before the burning fire amidst the defined Vedic hymns in Sanskrit, he fulfilled his very social obligation. Along with this, he concluded the cause of his wife’s nomination papers with calmness and resoluteness. He served two distinct purposes with one arrow.

He might guess what continues inside the voters’ head for his candidate. He definitely tries to kill two birds with one arrow. This shows how practical he is to achieve his desired political goal. He is approaching every voter with fresh hope wandering into Ward’s precinct. There is no restriction in the application of the right or the wrong move in political battles like love and war. But elections are always viewed as a game of chess where only right moves would benefit in the end. As many as 110 wards in the city’s municipal areas are deeply experiencing the sudden fast rise in political temperature in the wake of polls. The politician appeared to have applied wedding tactics.