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Political Party Membership Forms will have a Color Blindness Column

02, Apr 2015 By khakshar

New Delhi: Miles of column in black has appeared on the Indian affinity to a particular color. Many in TV studios were heard reciting the sacrifices of a particular political family. Many TV Channels explained that the family’s  sacrifices has guaranteed  that the family be accorded status of “Official Chameleon”, whose colors are like united colors of India.

With the frequent remarks by our politicians on the complexion, political parties are worried . With membership drive still in process, the two main political parties have inserted a column in membership form. The aspirant or the member must certify that he has a special color blindness and can not distinguish between black and white. It may reduce the symptom of “foot in mouth’. This color blindness may also save clarification time by other leaders of the political party.

Political Parties depicting Colour Blindness
Political Parties depicting Colour Blindness

Meanwhile the most recent entrant party in Indian politics has gone a step further. It’s innovative ways to enroll members has always been innovative notwithstanding the after effects. It’s membership form will have the color blindness column but it will train it’s would be members to act. The new members should be well read and must show that they can read news paper , which is normally printed in black and white, explained one of their umpteen spokesperson. He got furious when asked, ”Do your members need to read news papers as they seem to be busy hoping between studios and hogging the camera at Nukkads?”

Laloo Ji has asked that people differentiating or maligning other on base of colors must have their face blackened. A TV studio activist known as Miss Koel (reference only for her voice) has submitted a memorandum to  government to withdraw all Padma Awards from lyricists who have glorified “Gora or Goriya” in Bollywood films. Speaking to our correspondent @khakshar, she cooed that people with surname based on colors like “White, Black” should be refused visa to India. A urchin selling summer goggles outside her house was shouting ‘Gore Gore Mukhde pe Kala Kala Chashma..’

Non Purists like us at Faking news feel vindicated that only Grays will survive.