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Political party in India launches a new series ‘Game of Throwns’

16, Jun 2015 By RT

Chennai. A political party in India has launched a new television series ‘Game of Throwns’. The spokesperson from the party, having a name with the keywords Progressive and National, invited Faking News reporter to the studios of a party owned television channel.

“Every political party has got to have a brand of politics that is so easily understood by public in general and media in particular. Our underlying principle is ‘Use and Throw’. To match with the fast paced India, where every other citizen changes his mobile phone once every six months; our policy has been scientifically designed to say ‘Game of Throwns’,” the spokesperson playfully explained the policy.

The symbol of the new party
The symbol of the new party

“Going with the trend of making anything popular using TV channels, we are making this new series ‘Game of Throwns’ to popularize our ‘Use and Throw’ politics. Hell! In India, even new movies have to be promoted using TV channels! We are blessed to have the series ‘GoT’ approved by our God, undeniable supreme leader. Just on the day of first episode, two ministers were thrown out of the cabinet,” the spokesperson elaborated on the series.

“Now that I have your attention, I want to officially condemn and slam anyone who calls our leader as ‘serial killer’. First of all, our GoT has got nothing to do with ‘Game of Thrones’ where actually people get killed especially when their characters gain some prominence. Second of all, getting fired from our party post or a ministerial post is lose the title – Not getting shot and to lose the life,” the spokesperson sounded furious with the criticism.

“Game of Throwns includes allies as well. Whenever an ally is thrown out of coalition, we do invite them to join us in our next series ‘Friends II’, though this series does not have any restrictions that there can only be 6 friends. There is one restriction nevertheless, that our superlative leader will be the head of coalition till she is part of it (or) till the last member of the alliance is thrown out,” the spokesperson concluded to the miffed Faking News reporter, without really telling the rules of ‘Game of Throwns’.