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Political parties to use last day preparation skills of engineering students in elections, hire them as consultants

25, Feb 2014 By pehchaankaun

Manohar, a final year engineering student of Ghanta Institute of Technology was surprised to hear the news last night about major political parties visiting the campus for recruitment.

On finding out about the job profile, he started piling all his books outside his hostel room.

A glimpse of ongoing preparation.
A glimpse of ongoing preparation.

“These parties want to hire us for our procrastination skills. This is something we have mastered as engineering students. Studying now with midsems around the corner will be against the spirit of engineers”, said Manohar proudly calling himself a Farzee engineer.

Political parties seem extremely optimistic about this step. “We are stunned to see the efficiency of these guys. Starting with preparations at the last moment and still passing with respectable scores with such fearlessness is amazing. Mass level production of engineers in private engineering colleges seems to be finally paying off. With such skill set with us we think we can finish the election campaign within a week instead of months,” said a Congress Member.

Both BJP and Congress think this step is the answer to the growing rise of Aam Aadmi Party in the country. Referring to Arvind Kejriwal, a BJP worker said, “Only an engineer can beat an engineer. With the most frustrated community of the country helping us in the elections, I don’t see how Aam Aadmi Party stands a chance.”

Some of Manohar’s friends who have already got placed during the first leg of placements are extremely worried for him and few others. “There has been a drastic change in the behaviour of our unplaced friends since this news broke out. Instead of studying these guys are now sitting on dharnas outside their hostel rooms. Sometimes they wake up late night and start shouting Bharat Nirman and India Shining slogans,” said a friend of Manohar.

The recruitment criterion still not disclosed , these students are leaving no stone unturned. They randomly select two opposing students everyday and start campaigning for them in the morning followed by elections in the evening.

Most students are extremely happy with the recent turn of events. “Our college life is much more exciting now than before. Free beer and food are served in our rooms during lunch. Photocopy charges for class notes are waived off. Election results are followed by late night parties. Finally we can say that the college life of Main Hoon Na , Grand Masti and Yaariyan seem to be moving from silver screen to real life.”