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Political parties to participate in fancy dress competition

08, Mar 2014 By mbineet

Today it was announced by the selection commission of India that all political parties will participate in fancy dress competitions all over India during April-May 2014.

These competitions will be organised in primary schools where party leaders will come in their costumes (of choice) and deliver two minutes mono-act. Political parties have geared up for this event and most of them are dressing up in India / Patriotism theme. In an extensive sting operation, our reporters found some ground-breaking secrets.

The main contender Mr Rajendra Modi is preparing with a full body iron dress stitched in the textile mills of Gujarat; however his close associates revealed that he copied the designs of this iron dress from the most senior leader of his party.

His supporters in social media trolled our reporters with hash tags like #YoIronSoStrong, #YoIronSoDeveloped, #YoIndiaNeedsIron etc. .

Another contender Mr Rahul is looking at the family album. He was found repeating words like weak, poor, minority and backward. He has ordered socialist rose, capitalist kurta and dynastic pyjama. He will be trying to look like a chacha for a child; however his interviewers want to see him as a child, someone even called him a child prodigy.

The new party leader Mr. Allvind Kejriwal has openly stated that he will do a full Gandhi this time. He said that he has nothing to hide. Even he argued that he is an incarnation of Gandhi, hence no need to manufacture a lathi (stick), a dhoti (loin cloth) and a ghadi (watch). “He can act like Gandhi even in his sleep”, added an Aam supporter.

From the third bench, a famous leader named Kkrish Kumar was found whispering to a fellow party man (Orkut Yadav) that he needs plates, spoons and a thick chasma. To inform our readers, this third bench politician wants to do a JP (JayPrakash) this time.

One news channel called DevBihar has been showing the footages of 1975 for last 75 hours continuously.

“Other political parties are on our CCTV radar”, tweeted fakizen journalist Zeenit.