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Political Parties make big election promises for youth

02, Apr 2014 By explorer

The election season is now in full swing as both the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Indian National Congress launched their manifestos at the weekend while Aam Aadmi Party also did some electioneering.

At the BJP’s manifesto launch on Monday, party prime ministerial candidate Narender Modi focused on opening DJ schools in every constituency, promising to create 1,125,233,520 “real DJ’s” in India, and making late night parties legal.

“DJ’s are quite possible. 1,125,233,520 real DJ’s are within our grasp if we seize the moment at this election… We will stop singers and bar dancers doing business with local parties,” Modi said.

Kejriwal Modi Rahul
Manifestos for youth?

INC Vice President Rahul Gandhi delivered his speech specially focusing on youth at Amethi. The INC promised to construct game-houses, racing tracks, pubs and late night bars through its policies.

“Our policies aim to address these challenges, restore integrity and investor confidence, and protect and strengthen youth,” Rahul Gandhi said in a statement. He said his party would boost youth population, reduce elderly people and achieve an annual economic growth of 7%.

Rahul Gandhi said he would weaken all police units and ensure comprehensive training for youth to improve the capacity to commit and prosecute crime successfully.

Arvind Kejriwal hit out at the BJP, calling it a party of lies.

Kejriwal said his party could hike 50% salary for public DJ’s, will provide DJ teachers and 10 True Aam Aadmi DJ to every constituency if his party comes to power.

This national demand for a change in the way our music system works. Aam Aadmi Party wants to make music a noble listening once again.

We want to create a music system where the popular DJ’s we elect and place in the Pub are directly responsible to the audience who elected them. Our party’s vision is to provide full freedom to youth and corrupt free DJ’s to India .

Kejriwal told the thousands of supporters who had gathered at The Jantar Mantar, New Delhi that the time had come for them to liberate themselves as those entrusted to do so had failed them.

“60 years has proved that those trusted with giving us a better life have sold out. You must be your own liberators,” he said.

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