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Political parties demand 50% weightage for exit poll in election results

16, Mar 2017 By RT

New Delhi. Leading political parties have requested the election commission to add 50% weightage for exit poll numbers while declaring the electoral results. “Quite often we win big in exit polls and when the results out, it is shocking. If we include 50% weightage from the exit poll numbers, our chances of winning are more”, a spokesman from a leading political party told Faking News.

The failures of current exams, who could not secure minimum cutoff of 100  out of 403
The failures of current exams, who could not secure minimum cutoff of 100 out of 403.

“It is like exams. Cumulative scores from the internal exams are added to the final exams, in many institutions. Why cannot we consider exit poll numbers as internal exam results? Frankly, it is internal for many parties, if you know what I mean! Some parties promote the exit polls because it is a feel-good factor, though after the actual results are out, many of them do not feel so good!”, the spokesperson further added.

“Actually speaking, the polling and the result days are far apart even with electronic voting, making us wait to know the results and form a government. We request the governor/president to invite the largest winning party from the exit polls to form the government. And then, when the results are out, most likely the same government will continue, if the 50% weightage is added. Democracy cannot be simplified than this”, a few party men told Faking News.

Meanwhile, learning of the development, a mob of voters have demanded double money for their vote; one for the actual poll and another share for the exit poll voting, it was learnt by Faking news.