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Political activist trashes renowned Mumbai doctor ‘in advance’

26, Jun 2015 By drshree123

As the monsoon began Mr.Shyamrao Haathpaitode, member of a regional political party ransacked the Dadar clinic of renowned physician Dr. Arun Maalathikkar & trashed him black and blue in front of a massive crowd gathered to witness the glorious event. Our correspondent caught up with the proud leader few hours after the incident to ascertain the cause of the act.

“We have to be practical,” Mr.Shyamrao asserts, “It’s been quite some months since we had bashed up a doctor. Our men were getting restless. Even toll booths are not available to them to refresh their tod-phod skills anymore and they were really bored. Some of my hired goons are going to their native places next month and hence we would have faced severe shortage of staff in the near future.”

The doctor had to hide his tools from the activist
The doctor had to hide his tools from the activist

“You see, monsoon is already here and Dr.Maalathikkar may save and treat hundreds of patients, but as we all know under unfortunate circumstances, in some complicated cases of dengue and other fevers the patient will eventually expire despite the best of efforts of the doctor. How could we let go of this opportunity?” he explained.

“Due to the wonderful drainage facilities in the city, we are sure to get more dengue, leptospirosis and malaria cases in next few months, some of which may perish, should we wait for that to happen? We decided to take matter in our own hands and bash the ‘money-minded’ doctors well in advance. Whats more, we hear that doctors are seriously contemplating learning marshal arts for self defence. Why should I risk my men injuries during such a noble cause? Before the doctors can learn to protect themselves or install CCTVs we plan to ransack a few more clinics,” the activist concluded.

“Yeh money minded doctors ko sirf paisa banana hai. Sadha fever hota hai aur thoda bhi patient kapkapaya toh 200-300Rs ka blood test karwa lete hai. I take crocin and go to sleep. 15Rs mein thik. Why to pay 300bucks for a fever? Kuch serious hoga toh thode din mein civil hospital main jabardasti admit karwa ke free treatment li hi leta hu.Wahan pe bhi agar jarurat ho toh apne ladke kaam aate hi hai tod-phod ke liye,” Shyarao said as he ended the interview and turned to his driver “Chal Pakya, gaadi nikal. Apna mobile service centre se uthana hai. Ready hai bola who. Saala ek kuch chotha sa piece change kiya aur uska 6000/- le raha hai. Kya karein, iPhone hai na. Jaane de.”