Friday, 20th April, 2018

Poem: Mr. Damodar is an angry man today

22, May 2014 By nagashree

Mr. Damodar was leading an almost perfect life

A house, a car, a job, two kids and a nagging wife

Trusted all was right and ignored all his fears

Until a little man’s voice opened up his ears

Who with uncommon grit upheld, the power of a common man

Vowed to end the siege of a power hungry clan

Spoke of fighting evil, so rampant in the state

Called to rise to change, not submit oneself to fate

Rose – Mr. Damodar, our shy man of 35

Marched silent protests, shown on India TV, live

Posted all the spite on social media sites

And signed a hundred petitions that vanished overnight

For once Mr. Damodar, flew home  to cast his vote

Not a simple thing for a common man, please note

Made the man a leader and triumphantly returned home

Only to watch the man, get back to the streets, to roam

But Mr. Damodar was a changed man, you see

Nothing could break his will, he was no more ordinary

He stood by his leader, even when millions quit

Only, until today, as the court issued its writ..

Today Mr. Damodar will not forgive this man

Refuses to  buy into any of his revolutionary plan

He’s shocked at how commonly the fella got himself to jail

No scam , no scandal, not even mass murder, Just a failed bond on bail !!!