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PM registers complaint with CBI against BJP, RSS & few unnamed teammates for provoking him to speak

23, Jul 2013 By jhaamit

As per our source from “Race Course” police station, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has registered a complaint against BJP, RSS & few unnamed congressmen for provoking him to speak.

As per the report, Mr. Singh said, “I received an invitation from Tech“mum” University for distributing degree in convocation ceremony. Till then everything was going fine and I immediately agreed as I have to look for my “Future Plans” & I want to change my “Job Profile” but once I received the schedule I noticed that they have a “Speech by PM” section in that function & that will be for 10 long minutes. I immediately informed Soniya Jee & Communication Minister Manish Tiwari Jee.

Within few minutes Sr. Congress Leader Digvijay Singh Tweeted that “Manmohan Singh Jee is indicating me as unnamed teammates as I always take favor of Rahul Gandhi for becoming PM, even by that only he wants to change his Job Profile. I want to make Mr. Singh very clear that I am his well wisher as I use same sir name “Singh”.

Manish Tiwari – communication Minister confirmed the news and said we have taken this issue at very serious node as PM could have accidently spoken if he could not have noticed the schedule by Tech“mum” University and I confirm that PM has not written even a single letter to Soniya Jee for speaking on this issue. We found that “Tech“mum” University” runs a course on “Yoga” so we believe that there is RSS & BJP Connection in this incident.

Sr. BJP Leader Sushma Swaraj said that “This move of congress is just to get the attention of public as people of Republic India is looking to listen “Vaani” of Mr. Adwani though he is busy in writing the blogs and don’t get time to speak.

In between war of words of these duos, AAP member Poet “Kumar Vishwas” asked his party to go on road & protest for “Right to keep Mum” & make amendment in constitution for the same.

After investigation CBI chief  Ranjit Sinha said,“ A baba called ‘ मौनी बाबा’ ’ who is mum fo last 150 years on Himalayas was worried about his record for keeping mum & contacted the university to change in schedule of curriculum. We have been questioning him as we are expecting few big names in this matter.

Nitish Kumar who just broke the alliance with BJP proclaimed that this मौनी बाबा’ is Hindu, not secular and he sees a RSS/ Modi connection with baba for provoking PM to speak.

We contacted Mr. Modi, CM of Gujrat on Facebook for his views on this issue but unable to get any comment on this issue. His Secretary informed that Mr. Modi is out of Gujrat and is active on Twitter.