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PM Narendra Modi decided to settle in Uganda from today, Kejriwal suspects foul play

31, Jul 2016 By Asit Dalai

In a shocking revelation PM Narendra Modi declared that he would settle in Uganda from today, PMO would also move with him.

According to Faking News’ sources, this is a masterstroke from Modi. First, Modi will become an NRI and will be beyond prosecution in case Kejriwal dies or commits suicide. Second, Modi along with PMO will be able to do some work from abroad, which seems impossible now due to constant logjams at parliament and never ending theatrics form Kejriwal.

Speaking to Indian media for the last time Modi expressed, ”I represent the word ‘Development’ and Uganda is the only country in this world which needs development the most. When I played Dhol in Africa during my last visit, I was checking my frequency of thoughts with the African people, and what a perfect sync it was! I felt at home.”

As always Kejriwal denounced the PM saying, “Now the people of this country know why Modi was going on so many foreign tours, it was only to choose where he wants to settle in future. Everything was a full sham, people of this country are feeling cheated. We should term all those spending over the years as black money”. Further he continued, “It’s proved now that Modi is too scared of me and my honesty, he knew I would put him behind the bars when I become the Prime Minister in 2019, that’s why he is fleeing the country now.”

High level movements and celebrations were noticed at Congress headquarter for the first time in years. “We were planing to dissolve the party since nobody is paying any attention or listening to us anymore, but now at least there is a ray of hope!”, said Rahul, a younger party leader still in his 50s.

Meanwhile, Uganda’s incumbent President Museveni is worried, “It was a terrible mistake to invite Modi to Uganda, what if Mr. Modi decides to live here permanently? I could sense that he was quite popular here but now with his move, I fear loosing my presidency after five terms at the High office. Not everything is lost though, I spoke with Kejriwal yesterday and he is more than willing to move here to fight with Modi!”