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PM missed Iftar party because Louis Vuitton skullcap did not arrive in time

19, Jul 2015 By amuseddesi

The answer to the much asked question – why did PM miss Iftar party – is finally here. Faking News investigative reporter Sagarika Behosh writes:

Apparently PM had made plans to attend the Iftar party organized by President. He was very particular about attending this event since he missed it last year too. Our source within the PMO who did not want to be named said

Modi waiting for the cap
Modi waiting for the cap

“PM had plans of attending the Iftar party. We had even ordered Louis Vuitton(LV) skull cap from a online shopping site called SlipKart. However when we opened the package, there was a gunny sack inside. We called Slipcart customer service and they said they are immedietly sending the second package. This time package arrived after 2 weeks of delay. We had also requested the customization to engrave “Narendra Modi” on golden colors around the cap. But there was a typo and seller had engraved it as “Lalit Modi”. There was no way we could use that cap.”

It seems like once the PMO realized that they could not use the LV skull cap in time, a high level meeting was held and it was decided that PM will skip the function because without the skull cap he would not have looked secular enough. Also Chandrababu Naidu and Arvind Kejriwal have already set the high bar on Iftar dress code and anything less than LV skull cap would have seemed like token secularism.

Faking news’ request for comment from SlipKart was not returned. However one of our insider sources said that “The internal investigation revealed that the company which was selling LV skull cap belonged to one Upendra Singh Tomar and he was recently arrested in fake degree certificate related case. Apparently the LV brand items they were selling were also fake.” He also said that SlipKart promptly returned the payment to PMO office and is not responsible for seller’s non compliance.