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PM Manmohan Singh to launch public speaking academy with IIPM

07, Jan 2014 By archie

Having decided not to give the top office another run during the upcoming elections, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, is learnt to be in the final stages of realizing his lifelong ambition of starting a public speaking academy where his oratory skills can best be utilized.

Manmohan Singh
“Te janaab arz kitta hai”

The venture has found backing from Arindam Chaudhary’s Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) which will provide long and short duration certificate courses valid across all unrecognizable universities.

Highly placed sources confirm that Dr. Singh acquired the necessary approval from UPA bigwigs last month under the condition that introvert leaders Renuka Chowdhary and Jairam Ramesh would be the first two students. UPA’s prime ministerial candidate, Rahul Gandhi, has already been presented with a certificate of completion with distinction grade to enable him to defend himself the next time someone questions his academic credentials.

Arindam Chaudhary is learnt to be considering roping in Sunny Leone as the ambassador for the speaking academy as she has good people skills. Current ambassador Shah Rukh Khan was first offered the additional promotion duties but is understood to have declined as his house is still getting stoned by angry ex-IIPM students over the earlier advertisements.

Chaudhary’s team has been tight lipped on the development but a management student who went up to the roof top pool at the IIPM Tower to throw his useless laptop reported seeing unusual cleaning of bird waste all over the floor which is driving speculation that the area will house Dr. Singh’s upcoming speaking academy.

When contacted, no one was willing to be called UPA spokesperson but one minister told this reporter that the venture was ideal for a man of the PM’s stature. “In his nine and half years as PM, such has been his oratory effect, that most can recall his speeches verbatim even if they exceeded the standard five word limit,” he said.

Meanwhile, IIPM is working on other details like fee structure and curriculum and surfing the web to find defunct professors with foreign names. A spokesperson for Arindam Chaudhary declined to comment but said that cleaning of bird waste from the roof top pool was one of the stellar achievements of the year for the IIPM family for which they are to be presented with a national award soon.