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PM declares himself out of the race horse and fuel prices go up abruptly

06, Jan 2014 By Manish Aneja

New Delhi: In his recently concluded speech about his historical tenure and economical contribution to country’s economy, former (now) PM Manmohan Singh said that he is now an old horse who is out of race. He also recounted the horror tales of his tenure of post and delivered an almost pro-sleepy speech in National Media Center (NMC).

Manmohan Singh
MMS thought prices would go down by 2 rupees.

The purpose of imitating a speaking like act at NMC was because of the fact that, PM was much concerned about Modi’s emergence, as what may happen if Modi becomes PM. And Faking News journalist found out that PM’s speech was Narendra Modi Centered (NMC) speech, hence PM only chose NMC as the conference center as well as the theme of his latest utterances.

As soon as PM declared himself out of race, petroleum companies increased petrol prices by 75 paisa and diesel prices by 50 paisa. The reasons of increasing fuel prices could be known as a strategy to recover the loss which petroleum companies are going to confront, said a flammable officer of Inflammable ministry.

The officer stated that, whenever our PM would go somewhere to inaugurate a scam scheme or unwell-fare program or anywhere in India, a convoy of at least 40 ambassador cars will lead and escort him throughout his tour. Hence there has always been a good amount of fuel consumption for his escorting, which has never let petroleum companies to suffer even a negligible unofficial loss, otherwise official loss is in thousands of crores.

But now, when he has declared himself out of the race, we don’t think that he will run anymore while sitting in his ambassador car. His idleness will impact decay in the consumption and sale of petroleum products in India, so companies expect some loss due to this sudden variation. And to recover the upcoming losses, hike in petrol and diesel prices was a necessary move as always, said Jwalansheel Singh who is one of the corrupt fuel consultant of Manmohan’s cabinet.

In the same way, Rahul Gandhi can only bring down fuel prices with record breaking security and escorting.