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PM clarifies internal working of government, endorses Rahul

15, Jan 2014 By vibhavn

The Central Government recently said that “something went wrong in the coal block allotment”.

Manmohan Singh
Being loud and clear

The PM, in an exclusive interview to Faking News used this opportunity clarify the internal workings of the government. The PM said that the government is divided into only 3 ministries, even though it may seem there are many more to the casual observer. These three ministries are – Nothing, Anything and Something. Anything is jointly headed by Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal, Nothing is managed by the PM himself, and Something is managed by all the other ministers together.

We quote the PM verbatim below:

“The Anything minister’s task is to poke his nose in anything going on in this country. And as you know, both Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal are doing an excellent job running this ministry. Something is where the problem is, as found out by the Supreme Court. However, since I run Nothing, the problems in Something are not my responsibility.

Infact, I have managed Nothing in the most clean and honest manner.”

The PM further added that the BJP PM aspirant, Mr Narendra Modi is so active and does so many rallies in a day that he will not be able to sit still and manage Nothing. In the PM’s view, it is Rahul Gandhi who has the best credentials, as he has already done Nothing for the last 40 years. Therefore he is the most experienced person for the job of the PM.

The interview ended by the customary “theek hai” by the PM. Mr Manish Tiwari, seated next to him, nodded vigorous approval. Mr Tiwari also said that Congress will endeavor to showcase Mr Rahul Gandhi’s credentials for managing Nothing to the entire nation, starting with the next press conference, along with a surprise-gate-crash-and-disappearing-act by Rahul Gandhi. Right now the entire government is looking for something that Mr Rahul Gandhi can tear-off in the press conference. As soon as that is found, the press conference will be announced.