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"My plans failed for Goa because I am Engineer": Kejriwal

11, Mar 2017 By AdityaSachan

After failing to win even single seat in Goa state elections. Arvind Kejriwal realized the bitter truth of life for engineers. “My highly intelligent analysts found the true reason for our big zero outcome in Goa. It is all because I am engineer”, Kejriwal said and left quietly.

Kejriwal into realization mode
Kejriwal into realization mode

“Yes, our Supreme Leader is right! You see engineers always make plans for Goa trip and always fail. It is because they are cursed. And the same curse happened for AAP in Goa”, commented one of the AAP followers.

“We had high hopes for Goa. And all AAP supporters wanted to settle in Goa. But since he is engineer, we suffered this defeat. But our leader Kejriwal has not given up. He will be taking sessions on how to handle failures, from Guru Rahul Baba soon”, another supporter said slowly.

The AAP office is in little peace for winning few seats in Punjab. Which might become retirement home after losing Delhi elections in future for AAP leader Mr. Kejriwal.