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Pickle manufacturing companies are upset with Arvind Kejriwal for claiming to have removed “Bhrasht Achar” from Delhi

29, Jun 2015 By sunnyyy

Delhi: The Arvind Kejirwal led government of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi claims to have removed Bhrasht Achar to a great extent ever since they came into power.

These claims have offended the Pickle manufacturing companies of Delhi and these companies are planning to protest against Arvind Kejirwal and AAP for spreading lies and trying to snatch their livelihood by attacking their principal product Bhrasht Achar which is widespread throughout India according to their own claims.

Arvind eating chapatis with home cooked Achar rather than Bhrasht Achar

These companies also alleged that the reason AAP ministers with fake degrees are getting caught because they did not have Bhrast Achar enough unlike others.

“This AAP government is playing with fire that too of high cholesterol oil by trying to remove our chief product Bhrasht Achar. We will not let it happen no matter what it takes even if I have to keep the rotten vegetables and fruit in the sunlight myself  to make the Achar. I believe the whole economy and food chain will collapse if Bhrasht Achar is removed. We have often offered to help AAP subsidize Aam Ka Achar for the people of Delhi but they refused every time,” spokesperson of UPA (Unaccountable Pickles Association) Janjay Sha told Faking News.

He further added, “It is not like we started last year, we ruled the Bhrasht Achar market for years, we have taken a hit ever since our new Vice-CEO Pappu took the helm.”

When Faking News caught up with the spokesperson of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Pickles Ltd), he said, “We just went Pan India last year, we have not even started foraying into the Bhrasht Achar market yet although we are getting the FDI for it. Where was Arvind Kejriwal when inferior quality easily caught Bhrasht Achar was sold like hot cakes during the last decade when it was supplied by the UPA? What about UP and Bihar, the Mecca of Bhrasht Achar where people cannot even have a proper meal without having the Bhrast Achar.”

According to our super classified sources, Arvind Kejriwal has always been allergic to Bhrast Achar and he does not even like when others have it. Whenever he was offered Bhrast Achar for lunch during his Income Tax commissioner days he refused it and he even snatched it from his co-workers plate to throw it in the bin.