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Physicists worldwide shocked and excited in the wake of the first ever time travel by a man

16, Jan 2014 By crazyscientist

The physicists around the world have been caught napping as it becomes clear that the first ever time-travel has successfully taken place in India.

A typical Kejri Durbar
Yo Kejriwal.

Not only that, they are more shocked to know that the time-travel is actually accomplished by non-scientific people, more specifically, politicians.

Just a few weeks ago, Arvind Kejriwal said that Vinod Kumar Binny had absolutely no problems, he also didn’t at all demand to be a minister. In fact, it was also said that Dr. Kumar Vishwas went to Binny’s home after midnight only to have “Kheer”!!!

And today, according to Kejriwal, Binny wanted to be a minister that time, and now he also wants Lok Sabha ticket.

The scientists have concluded that this duplicity of past can be explained with two mutually exclusive possibilities.

(A). Kejriwal is a liar (B). Vinod Kumar Binny is a time-traveler

Not surprisingly, the scientists worldwide have unanimously ruled out the option-A as absolutely IMPOSSIBLE, UNIMAGINABLE and INCONCEIVABLE, and thus they are left with no option but to approve the option-B.

“Even thinking of Mr. Kejriwal being a liar is as preposterous as thinking that Mr. Rahul Gandhi discovered the special and general theories of relativity, hence we are forced to approve the successful time-travel”, Dr. Ellen Stofan (Chief Scientist, NASA) explained.

However, the implications of the approval are enormous as the scientists are shocked to realize being defeated by the “Aam Aadmis”.

“When the scientists worldwide failed to achieve the same despite spending billions of dollars, how the time-travel could be made possible by an Aam Aadmi with the money obtained as “Chanda” (donation)!!!”, Dr. K. Radhakrishna (Chairman, ISRO) explained, “At the same time, they are also excited to see the prospects of cheap time-travel to change the past.”

It appears that, India has now definitely ensured its first Nobel Prize in physics for 21st century.

“After all, he is an IITian!”, Mr. Ashutosh Goswami, an ex-IITian and also an AAP supporter, proudly claimed this achievement to be the result of world class training provided by IIT and vision of Mr. Kejriwal. “It is the slap on all those who demean AAP and Kejriwal citing lack of vision”, he said.

The social media has been abuzz praising for AAP and Kejriwal with messages like “IIT in first attempt, IRS in first attempt, CM in first attempt, Nobel Prize in first attempt, what next?” indicating the one-sided outcome of coming Lok Sabha election. Hashtags like #YoKejriwalSoIntelligent, #AAPScientist, #AAPresearch etc. are trending in top 10.

Meanwhile, Shri Rahul Gandhi has expressed his happiness over the issue and said that Dalits need escape velocity of “time-travel” to go and correct their past.