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Photos: What if Kejriwal becomes CM of other states?

31, Dec 2013 By manithan

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal had gone to Delhi Chief Minister swearing in ceremony in Delhi Metro. Now, A funny imagination of how Kejriwal will go to CM swearing-in ceremony in rest of India!

You can see this in south India. BJP might complain this as harassment of cows. No problem as long as we do not burden goats. We are secular!

Anna mere saath, mein uske haath lethe disha jaayenge!Place: Kolkota

Mumbai meri Jaan.. footboard travel.. no need to take ticket!

Run Kejriwal Run!

When you can share your ambition with Congress, why not go congress in a share auto? Location: Chennai

With great power, comes great responsibility. And lesser power tariffs too. Spidey spinning his web in Delhi heights.

Starting the “cleaning of country” work even while going to CM ceremony. Dedication is the only word!

A common sight on any state in India. Show of austerity!

Chik Bukku Rail. Will be fun to go like this in road and zero fuel spendings.

Evergreen form of transport for village boys. Kejri can use this to connect with villages. Will earn the name of first CM to take charge from village.