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Petition filed to redefine the word 'progress'

13, Mar 2014 By none

As per Oxford Dictionary, an application has been submitted by a political party in India to redefine the word “progress”.

Perplexed looking representative of the most respected and famous dictionary explained that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of India wanted to redefine the word of progress as per recent developments in Indian political scenario.

Arvind Kejriwal
Definition hi galat hai ji

The petition request to drop all the comparative degree words like “higher”, “more”, “better” etc. because measuring such progress would require at least two events – start and end. As per AAP, it is corrupt to measure progress by two events when only one such event is enough. In support of their claim, the party quoted recent trip by their head (and also brain) Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s recent trip to Gujarat to measure progress.

The debate has heated up with experts from science and technology jumping in. Raner Pillai, a famous Indian scientist, has suggested one measurement should be called what it is – a measurement. If the intent is to take initial measurement to compare with later measurement, it should be called a snapshot.

AAP has quickly pointed out a fault in Mr. Pillai’s argument. “A measurement or a snapshot can just claim the status. What Mr. Kejriwal did was genuine progress measurement. He could measure the progress in one reading and the result was zero. That means instantaneous progress in Gujarat was zero at the time of measurement. Mr. Pillai is wrong. He is a BJP agent. “

In turn, Mr. Pillai and some insiders of the Oxford Dictionary on the condition of anonymity are labeling the redefinition petition as “absurd”.

AAP, led by a “mad-scientist-looking-lawyer”, also wanted to specifically exclude various items from the definition of progress.  The list is too exhaustive to mention here.

Some examples include “building 125,000 check dams within a state, uninterrupted power supply across a state, creation of jobs for labor-exporting states of India, provision of pipelined gas to all homes in all towns within a state, reduction in government to reduce corruption, sustained improvement in male-female ratio, sustained improvement in literacy” etc.

The most contentious issue is dropping “sustained stellar growth of GDP of a state for 13 years” which is hotly contested by state of Gujarat of India and state of Guangdong of China.

There is more to the confusion around this word. AAP petition also wants Oxford Antonym Dictionary to change entry against “progress” to “corruption by land brokers of Ambani and Adani”. The authorities are debating about whether antonym of a word could be a phrase or not. That will undertake changing the definition of the word “antonym” itself.

So far in Indian English acceptable antonym for “pro-gress” was “con-gress”.

The decision is postponed to May 2014.