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Person doing yoga fined for breathing excessive oxygen near Vadra

11, Jan 2014 By Ashish Kedia

In a not-so-astonishing event, Gurgaon police has penalized an elderly person for inhaling excessive oxygen in the presence of Robert Vadra.

Robert Vadera
“After land, now it’s time for air.”

It was reported that Yesterday morning Mr. Robert Vadra was on his routine Acquire-land-with-a-Glance jog. As there is not much enough land left in the city’s urban area for to be acquired, hard worker Mr. Vadra decided to try city-outskirts for the task. He hitched a 20 minute helicopter ride to reach the border of the area acquired by him. From there he started his morning jog on his Harley Davidson.

As he had only reached some 14 kilometres he stopped to take a long look at his latest acquisitions. He was on the shoulders of some SPG guard when the incident occurred.

An elderly man unaware of the presence of new owner of his fields kept on practicing Pranayaam. Tired of driving so much Mr. Vadra started gasping for air. SPG accompanying him took it as a threat and the unidentified person doing Pranayam was immediately taken in to custody. He has been accused of hindering oxygen from going to Mr. Vadra’s lungs.

Mrs. Gandhi has expressed his anger over the incident and urged the government to beef up Mr. Vadra’s security. PM also condemned this act of treason in to Vadra’s privacy and called it intolerable. In his statement he also assured the nation of taking strict action.

Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde undertook an emergency meeting and increased security cover of Mr. Vadra. One oxygen tank and 8 more Bentley have been added to his modest 23 vehicle cavalcade.

Digvijay Singh has demanded arrest of Baba Ramdev in this matter. He accused Baba Ramdev of masterminding this incident on the request of RSS.

Meanwhile in another independent event Democracy and Common Sense were found dead in the same area. People have blamed sycophancy and dictatorship for it.