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Person attempts suicide in an attempt to wake himself up of ‘limbo’ as current events of Delhi seemed dream

30, Dec 2013 By moga

Every coin has 2 sides. While the whole nation is experiencing an orgasm with the anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal being sworn in as new CM of Delhi, a shocking incident from Delhi itself  has come to fore.

A man in his late 20s has tried to kill himself by jumping out of his balcony in an attempt to wake himself from a ‘limbo’. But his plan didn’t work probably because he lived on first floor of his society. He is reported to be out of danger now but when asked why he did so, he said, ‘I am pretty sure all this is just a dream. A corruption free Delhi, all thullas (police wallahs) behaving politely, no red beacon on vehicles – how can all this be anything other than a dream.’

A big Hollywood movies fan, Leonartho Mal, further explained earnestly, ‘As you know the last way to come out of a limbo is to kill self. So that’s why I did it and will do it again if I still could not find my totem.’ His family members are still in shock and could not understand what had happened to Leonartho.

His wife said, ‘Since last few days he had been behaving strangely and asking me to jump out of window with him. I know this is due to some stupid Hollywood film that he keeps on watching again and again but still could not understand its ending. Yesterday when we were wandering around Cannaught Place, he seemed confused and started complaining that it is seemed like an unending loop. God knows what that all means. I just want my Leo to be alright’.

Meanwhile after some research, the family has registered a case of abetting the suicide against a the movie director Christopher Nolan.