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Permanent EVM machines to be installed in every home of Delhi

18, Dec 2013 By Fakerazzi

New Delhi. Election commission has decided to order massive number of EVMs, one each for every household in Delhi. Based on usage, they may decided to install these in public places as well as offices also.

Now express your opinion directly from home.
Now express your opinion directly from home and help AAP take decisions.

This revolutionary step has been suggested by the Finance officer of AAP.  Based on current experience with ongoing opinion seeking exercise of AAP in delhi, everyone felt that it will be prudent to install permanent WiFi enabled EVM machines for each household. Any political party especially those working for Aam Aadmi can then create a like poll for Delhi residents any time and get instant opinion. People of Delhi will need to say YES for this step though and another election will be held for the same.

Media houses, frustrated with constant jibe about faulty dataset, have welcomed this wholeheartedly.  They are planning to use these EVMs in their 9 PM discussion programs extensively. Cost for these machines will be managed from ads shown during the media house polls. They want to use these for the Exit polls also. Exit here refers to whether they went out of their homes during different important events like candle light shows, aam aadmi supporting rallies, CWG & Budhdha circuit races etc.

Some unconfirmed sources also hint at this being the revolutionary thing promised by Shri Rahul Gandhi that has never been seen. He is reported to be thinking of hosting on these machines permanently. This will come on the machines whenever any other poll is not going on. We fully agree with the assessment that this is going to provide most critical input to them. Facebook users bombarded by manifesto ads are already hijacked by Modi brigade hence this is the next logical step.