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People distant themselves from AAP as Congress trying to copy them

10, Dec 2013 By wadi

In a shocking revelation on the news hour, with the latest CVoter survey Arnab Goswamy has claimed that in case of reelection for Delhi assembly, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP would be wiped out from the state. While Congress would get the clear majority to form the govt, BJP would be on second spot.

This survey was conducted after Congress vice president said that “we will learn from AAP and will better it in a way you cannot imagine.” To see the effect of Rahul Gandhi’s astonishing speech CVoter did the survey to see what is the impact of it and the findings are ground breaking. Faking news also did some ground check and interviewed some people, Raju an auto driver in Delhi who was a supporter of AAP said, “I supported Arvind because he is an honest man with new ideas in politics. Now when congress said that they will copy him, there is no point to vote Arvind anymore. Changes are in the air for which Arvind stand for. Now there is no need to vote him again.” Another supporter of AAP, Raj who is a student in DU said, “Finally AAP managed to do what they were supposed to. They managed to change the traditional politics and established people are learning from it now in a way no one can even imagine.”

Speaking on this issue, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Manish Tewari told Faking News that as Rahulji said we would bounce back and see what a bounce we have got. Another congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha who normally does not agree with any opinion poll also hailed this survey and said “It is because of the leadership of Soniaji and Rahulji. They have brought Food security bill and Land acquisition bill for the poor. They are working for poor. Modi is involved in 2002 riots and there is no Modi wave in the country.”

Meanwhile faking news contacted AAP leader Yogendra Yadav to get his response but he was busy with another survey. Thought we were able to get Kumar Vishwas who started with his famous poem, “Koi shehzada kahta hai, koi saheb samajhta hai”. He then said that “Now as congress has copied our strategy, we have to come up with something new.” Arvind Kejriwal was not available for comment.