Monday, 19th March, 2018

Patel's faith bared wordplay in politics

09, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Amid a roar of Democratic ridiculousness, good wishes, optimism and devious thankfulness the timely raised political leader re-entered the domes of democracy. But undoubtedly falsehood or pretence prevailed over unavoidable discussion among experienced politicians. What they commonly speak is never grasped as their exact words. They appeared to be a real adherent of the logic which the students study in the philosophy subject. Although they regard the practice of speaking untruth incongruous yet they do not detach themselves from practising the norm. Their style of explaining any complex matter makes them exceptional in telling rough and ready lies covertly.

However, when one top veteran politician was asked to clarify of his party’s legislature’s vote for the candidate of allied political party, he said that his chief had asked the party legislature to cast his precious vote in favour of the particular party’s candidate and he had definitely voted for the party. But that leader in question was not ready to accept what was emphasised upon needlessly. Even the party’s Gujarat unit general secretary indicated of the vote diverting to another political party’s candidate. Giving a different direction to any vital matter is their repartee.

The common people, in general, used to say disdainfully that only liars could be an adroit politician in the future. The rapidity with which they speak the fake words possesses every opportunity of earning name and fame in the field of politics. This sphere only demands smart pace to outwit others in a long-winded sentence. The politicians are showing dexterity in this course. They promise to fulfil everything but refuse the whole thing afterwards. Their patience and assurances go side by side constantly. They do not hesitate in befooling the common people. Their activeness is not disliked but what is derided often is their double-standard.