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Parivarwadi Party: New Name for Janta Parivar

20, Apr 2015 By humor

Amid various speculations as to what could be the new name of the allegedly “grand” alliance of Janta Parivar, the alliance has come up with the name for the new party. The party will be called Parivarwadi Party and its symbol would be an SUV.

The Yadav Brothers discussing Parivarwadi Party
The Yadav Brothers discussing Parivarwadi Party

When Mulayam Singh Yadav was asked as to how he concluded the new name for the party he said, “It can be clearly seen that most of the leaders of the Janta Parivar including Me, Lalu Ji and Deve Gowda Ji have committed ourselves to nepotism, we have emerged as champions of nepotism and hence I believe that Parivarwadi Party is the  most apt name for the new party. Lohia ji used to say that his party is his family, we are proud to proclaim that our family only is our party”, he added with a grin.

On being asked about the symbol of the new party he replied, “We have long forgotten the ideals of socialism and are neck deep in capitalism and materialism thus I feel that a grand SUV would be a suitable symbol for our party as most of our leaders are fond of big cavalcades of SUVs.”

People also took this new name very positively, while speaking to our correspondent a citizen remarked,”Most of the Member of Parliaments of Janta Parivar are connected to one political family or the other thus it is quite reasonable for the new party to be named as Parivarwadi Party.”

The parivarwadi party is looking forward for Bihar Assembly elections which are due this November.