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Papua New Guinea residents protest against Indian Prime Minister

23, Apr 2015 By aschinch

The people of Papua New Guinea had protested angrily against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When this reporter tried to know the reason for the protest, he was shocked.

The people of Papua New Guinea told that Narendra Modi had insulted them by not visiting their country. They told that he had visited all the countries in the world except Papua New Guinea.

This shows that he has very less respect for this great country and the people living there. In fact, the people of Papua New Guinea and Government were planning to give award for “Best Traveller of the year” to Narendra Modi, but unfortunately he has not visited the country yet.

Narendra Modi has become a big fashion icon in this tiny country with many youths wearing the closed neck coat, which he wears. There are unconfirmed reports that Narendra Modi will be among the 10 greatest travelers of all times in the world along with Christopher Columbus, Captain James Cook,Hsuan-Tsang , Vasco Da Gama, Marco Polo etc.