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Pappu's speech writers threaten to make sense, Digvijay Singh to rescue

05, Nov 2013 By abhijeet10

Disheartened by criticism around the country over gibberish speeches made by Pappu in his rallies, which drew flak from almost all the sections of society for its content and mindlessness behind it.

The speech writers for Pappu have threatened to the party that they will start making sense in Pappu’s speeches from here on which now is a grave concern for the party and the party think tank has asked Digvijay Singh to step in to resolved the matter.

One of the writers who came forward on condition of not disclosing his identity told, ” Everyone has been testing our patience and instead we have done what we were asked to do.”

“Calling India a ‘beehive’ or “Poverty is a state of mind’ or escape velocity were stroke of genius from us but we have no control over how Pappu relates them during his speeches. It was not us who voluntarily wrote such stupid speeches instead party’s think tank asked us to write as per Pappu’s acumen and mind you we are very proud of what we pulled off with Pappu here. This was party’s strategy to let pappu be himself out there and make unintelligent-mindless speeches to counter Mr. Modi.”

Modi is a shinning star on social media and whatever he says gets noticed and spreads like a fire in the forest amongst the youth of our country and Pappu being a self proclaimed youth icon some how needs to neutralize it, that is the reason Digvijay was mentoring Pappu before getting a significant role in the party.

He has indeed played a defining role in developing Pappu as among the most prominent mindless personalities from India. Now that party is faced by this serious concern with writer’s threat again Digvijay Singh has been asked to come to the rescue.

Digvijay Singh has been asked to supervise Pappu’s speeches from here on and inspire writers to keep writing dull-witted and irrational speeches. In fact there was also a proposal from writers that if we write intelligent and inspiring speeches like Modi, Pappu can win hearts and resurge party’s image which went tatters after galore of scams across the country but Party’s think tank considering it was Pappu, has refused the proposal hands down and warned writers not to bring up such stupid and unachievable proposals.

Disclaimer: This is a humorous piece and should be taken with a pinch of salt.