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Pappu plans to open a tea shop in order to become PM

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi: After watching how a defamatory comment can also help someone up to some extent, Shahzada Pappu  has come up with a plan to open a tea shop. How SP leader’s ‘chaiwala’ remark on Narendra Modi has helped him among the masses, Rahul Gandhi has decided to become a tea vendor first and then the PM in 2014.

Pappu collecting
Pappu collecting “chai ki patti” from farms.

And this time he seems very determined with his plans because he has asked one of his advisors, Kanishka Singh, MBA from Wharton to make a blueprint of his vision.

There are talks that it’s the Finance Minister P Chidambaram who has enlightened him with this idea; otherwise how a dumb mind can come up with an innovative idea like this.

Our correspondent Nandu  chaiwala has talked to the Finance minister on this matter, “I always had have thought Modi as a big challenge to congress, I think as Mr. Modi is more experienced in making tea than Shahzada Rahulji, I am afraid he is going to blow him out of water,” he said while talking to the press in New Delhi.

In an interview with Faking news, Kanishka Singh said “In the morning, I got a call from Mr. Gandhi and he asked me to make a project plan on this matter ASAP. On asking him why so serious? he told me that we have to move with a greater escape velocity than Fenku, otherwise he’ll  overpass us. So, I proposed a chai ka khoka near parliament and suggested him to take lessons from Billu chaiwala on this art.”

“Finance minister has also released a budget of 5000 crore for the project as khoka, utensils, Tea, Milk, Sugar and main ingredient ISI marked-Corruption have to be bought with the budgeted amount,” on asking what will be the name of the shop, he added “we are planning to call it “Pappu’s Nonsense chai” as proposed by Madamji, Pappu’s mother” he added further that “we are even planning to mix a chemical in the chai that can change anyone’s state of mind, after drinking”

While talking to the press from ‘virtual Sri lanka’, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said “I always believed that Rahulji will do something extraordinary in life, he has that vision of a crusader, I’ll surely visit his shop and have chai and rusk. Our economy will get a boost with this initiative of his and i envision him selling onions as well with a gamcha tied on his head like a singh’s pagdi but I also condemn Pakistan’s behavior at LOC,” on reminding him that this is not about Pakistan nor LOC he added “oh! Theek hai” and with a “V” gesture he concluded.