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Pappu Ek Soch Hai: A new superhero is born

12, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Ajay Makan was drenched in his sweat in the scorching November heat at the well mowed lawns of the Press Club in New Delhi.

The Congress Party was about to register a protest against the derogatory term that has been increasingly used for their Honorable Vice President, Shri Rahul Gandhi. Kapil Sibal sat with a smug look on his face.

He had carefully chosen to dress in an impeccably white kurta to contrast with his black mole. Reading from a paper, Sibal announced that the word Pappu would be considered as a derogatory term hence forth and would be blanked out from cyberspace once and for all. Use of this term in any public place would attract an on- the -spot penalty of Rs 500/- or more.

So engrossed were the reporters with Sibal’s scathing attack that they didn’t notice Makan frantically speaking on his cell phone as he left the dais.  Even as the shocked group of reporters began to protest, a sneering Sibal threw up a draconian law about obscene statements in public to neutralize them.  Digvijay Singh’s lips had curled into the trademark twirl as he added that the word Pappu had a communal thread to it.

Soon, Mr Makan was back with some news.

“You are in for a surprise,” he announced to the Press and began whispering into Sibal’s ears.

Within the next five minutes, walked in Rahul Gandhi aka Pappu, the Congress Vice President, with purposeful strides and all. Dressed in a white kurta and faded blue denims, he sported a light brown stubble. He waved out to the excited reporters and displaced Ajay Makan from his seat. Soon he was briefed about the issue on hand. In his trademark style, the young  scion of the Gandhi family folded his kurta sleeves and grabbed the mike.

“I was passing by when Mr Makan called me up. When I heard the topic of discussion today, I thought I should share  my point of view. I know people have been calling me names, shehzada, buddhu etc. But today I want to deal with that one term which has really stuck,” pin drop silence as the reporters waited for him to utter the word himself. He was going to take the bull by its horns. Here came the game changer:

Pappu ek soch hai” he finally said. The look on his face was sincere.

“I repeat it again for you. Pappu ek soch hai.” he repeated  making eye contact with each member in the audience, “We all have a Pappu in us, lurking deep inside. Why do we shy to bring it out into the fore? I want to ask each one of you here! Have you not screwed up at times in your lives? Have you not had that Pappu moment? How long will you keep the Pappu inside you suppressed? Everyone should be the someone he wants to be rather than the someone he doesn’t want to be,” he  delivered it with the fluency of Sachin Tendulkar’s straight drive.

No one blinked.

Bhaiyya, all of us have a Pappu moment once in a while. Me speaking about poverty being a state of mind was really Pappu. Sibalji‘s zero losses statement in the coal scam was a Pappu moment. Digvijayji‘s…,” he went on for a few minutes. Sibal’s mole throbbed away. Digvijay Singh’s lips had twirled beyond recognition.

“I want to make this into a movement. One must not forget that one is human. Pappu is about humanity, humility and.. humanity. I want to come up with this game changing slogan for this movement: Proud to be Pappu”

Sibal and Digvijay Singh looked at each other in disbelief.

“Drop the pretense! Don’t be shy to botch up. Because when we botch up, we learn. He produced a brown leather band with a heart shaped diskette on it. Every time you see a  friend or relative botch up, gift him this,” he pleaded

There was commotion in the audience as the band was being passed around.

“Think from your heart and not your brain because the heart supplies blood to the brain and not the other way round,” he added with a smile.

One of the female reporters stood up.

” Rahulji, I am vaguely reminded of this movie Krissh 3….did you get this idea from Krissh 3″ she demanded.

“I don’t watch Hindi Movies,” Rahul retorted. “Besides, the one in Krissh3 was black and had a lightening sign on it,” he added.

“If there are copyright issues, we will sue the Krissh team for plagiarism. We came up with the idea first,” Sibal announced.

Digvijay Singh dabbed his forehead with a kerchief.

“I have a few extra ones that I am going to use to kick start this movement.” Rahul said as he stood up.

Ten minutes later, Kapil Sibal and Digvijay Singh walked out with Proud to be Pappu leather bands across their wrists.