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Pappu and only Pappu can silence Ornob

22, Jun 2015 By khakshar

Patna. It is now clear that in Bihar, splinter groups like Manjhi, Sadhu Yadav and others are trying to form a collegiate. The strong men of Bihar had a meeting at Jeetan Manjhi’s residence. Sources tell that the “Bahubali Morcha” will bargain collectively. Their aspirations have buoyed by Laloo Ji who has quoted that all similar thinking sickular parties must come together.

Dancing on the tunes of Pappu
Dancing on the tunes of Pappu

Meanwhile one of these Bahubalis, Mr.Pappu Yadav is trying hard to reaffirm his old charm. His shoe booting episode in a flight was done to showcase his talent. The incident happened when the plane from Patna was on its way to New Delhi. He dropped a dessert served on his bag kept near his feet and asked the crew to clean it and also ook off his chappal and showed it to the crew. He told the crew that he would hit them with it if the crew argued further. The episode was done with a view to impress a party president.

It may be to bring to notice to many that Pappu and only Pappu can silence Ornob. Sources tell that after being thrown away from the party by Laloo ji, he is looking for the green pastures. He just wanted to remind that it was he who had silenced “The Nation Wants to know ” temporarily in 1996 by kidnapping Ornob.

Of late, the party has been at the receiving end of Arnab’s histrionics . More than the opposition, the party seems to be worried about, “What the Nation wants to know”. Many in the party are of the view that Mr.Pappu Yadav can be made official spokesperson of the party. If not silence Ornob permanently, he still has in him to reboot Ornob. Pappu can’t dance but make others dance.