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Pappu and Feku to form a new party

20, Apr 2015 By priyank12

New Delhi: As soon as Feku started his vacation, Pappu returned from it. Our reporters have spotted Feku meeting the Pappu on Germany airport while Feku was waiting for his flight to come from Mumbai and they are of the opinion that Feku has asked the Pappu to go back to India in his absence.

‘Both the leaders of their respective parties has sign the agreement for #TakeinIndia project where they will take away subsidies on LPG, land from farmers and they will collectively take India on the next level (of corruption and black money).’ Said one of our reporter.

News has also come that both these leaders is to form new party named #DoAadmiParty and this will be officially declared once Feku returns from his vacation. Meanwhile, Pappu will work on #TakeinIndia project.

Our reporter has also interviewed Remote Control in this regard and she said ‘#TakeinIndia project is our dream since last 10 years and we have achieved it to some extent in our era but now with the alliance of two leaders we will be able to achieve it in short time and I am happy that my Pappu has atleast started doing something.’ ‘As Pappu is major now, he will take decision by himself’ said Remote Control when asked whether she will take decision on behalf of Pappu.

So this is going to be biggest alliance of Indian history and lets see how much public support this party will have.