Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Panneerselvam to sworn in as CM of Tamil Nadu for nth time

07, Feb 2017 By khakshar

Chennai. A lot many changes are happening in Tamil Nadu now a days. Of course politically Tamil Nadu does always seem to surprise everyone. It’s now clear that Chinamma will not be holding the office of Chief Minister in near future. She was of course chosen as leader of ruling party in TN assembly. MLAs from the ruling party had cried, pleaded and prayed to her for leading the Party from front.

"After brushing teeth everyday, now everyday will swear as a CM"
“After brushing teeth everyday, now everyday will swear as a CM”

Even Chinamma had gracefully agreed to their request. It was portrayed as Chinamma (Small Mother) taking charge of her ward once Amma was no more. Mr. Natarajan an MLA had spoken to us. “It is like mother’s sister taking care of the child, when mother is away. We are blessed as Chinamma has taken charge. It happens in only in closed knit family (Party) like us. It’s not like the opposition where brothers and sisters are fighting each other.”

However, much changed on yesterday’s evening. Mr. Lingam asked Chinamma to defer taking charge. He had calculated the position of Grahas again. Rahu was still pleading in the court of Sun regards disproportionate assets. So the time was not right for Chinamma to take charge of the wards.

Breaking: Mr.O.Panneerselvam has been called. He had resigned a couple of days ago. He was on his way to  his native town Periyakuam for vacations. Panneerselvam has been asked to return. He will be sworn in as Chief Minister for Fourth or Fifth time. However, it will be like a man sitting on Ladies seat in a crowded Chennai local bus. Every time a Ladies seat is vacant, Panneer Anna captures it only to be shown his right place by the dominant Amma who boards the bus at next stoppage.