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Panic grips 10JP after Manmohan Singh sits on meditation opposite his house

10, Feb 2017 By manithan

New Delhi: Motilal Nehru road is abuzz with media and public for the past one hour.

And the reason for this sudden commotion is former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. MMS as he is often called, a resident of Motilal Nehru road has been found in a meditation pose outside his house. As per camera feeds arriving from his neighborhood, ex-PM is seen sitting silently with closed eyes facing his home.

When MMS caught
No he doesn’t wear raincoat while meditating.

Worker who tends the garden of Manmohan’s house spoke to us about how it all started, “I was doing my usual menial task of plucking weeds, when Manu sir walked out of home. Usually, I would greet him and recognize his reply which would be a micron size movement of his lips. But today morning, I could not sense that. I began walking behind him. He went till the wall, stopped just few feet before it, then turned right and opened gate. He went few feet onto the road, did an about turn and sat on the road. Soon, vehicles identified former PM sitting on road opposite his home and stopped to halt. Within twenty minutes, media and several politicians have arrived here.”

After thirty minutes of silently meditating facing his house, MMS slowly got up and started walking towards media mics. News channels were hyperventilating over MMS going OPS way.

“Will Manmohan Singh reveal how he was illtreated under Sonia Gandhi? Will he detail involvement of Gandhis in several scams for which he is being targeted instead? Will he claim that he want to dissolve Congress and urge for election of its President by votes? Will Manmohan Singh do a O Panneerselvam today? We will get to know it in few minutes.”, shouted editor of Times Now, as MMS was still seen in screen making small strides towards mic.

Halting before gathered mics, MMS looked around and his lips opened five micrometers. The entire Indian living rooms gasped. Ahmed Patel, Digvijay Singh were searching for the lost remote with tensed Sonia seated beside Rahul playing Candy Crush. After a gap of few nervous seconds, Manmohan Singh said ‘Theek Hai!’ and turned back. He went on several diagonal paths obstructed by panicked reporters and their cameramen, went inside his home and gates were locked.

Source close to MMS revealed, “Similar to O Panneerselvam, Manmohan wanted to meditate before memorial of his mentor, but alas! She is alive. So he chose his house where he had buried his conscience on May 2004. His home is now memorial of his original mentor, his conscience, who died on 2004. He had decided to reveal everything but suddenly changed his mind. Or probably, his remote control was activated somehow.”

While such talks were going around in Lutyens, a servant from MMS residence revealed the real reason behind this meditation stunt. “Sir wanted to stay on road without being tainted by the dirt, similar to bathing with raincoat on. I found dirt in his dress, but he said he couldn’t spot it.”