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Panel divided over the winner of Pappu of the year award for 2013

26, Dec 2013 By vijayv

While a certain youth icon(YI) was a strong contender for winning the Pappu award, last minute nomination entry of a doctor(Dr.) who has staked strong claim to the Pappu crown has divided the award panel.

An expert supporter of the doctor stated that actions speak louder than words, and while YI goof-up’s were in his speech, Doctor Saabh action’s have resulted in him loosing the top post.

Brought in as a clean mask by a party well known for running its operation from behind a mask. Doctor found intellectual bankruptcy among his colleagues who were busy doing poor Photoshop jobs to malign their rivals instead of debating them on policies and ideology.

Assuming “Whats good for the goose….” Doctor started copy pasting the policies of his rival and was quick to announce

  • Reducing electricity bills.
  • Providing free water.
  • Constituency wise manifesto.
  • etc.

On getting a majority in the elections Doctor true to his habit, copy pasted the statements of his rivals and delivered it to the Governor, only after he came back were his “advisers” able to get a word in and inform him that he had unknowingly given up his opportunity to form a government.

Dr’s rivals who had drafted the statement of sitting in the opposition assuming that Dr will form the government were left scratching their heads and wondering whether Dr was a strategic genius or a true Pappu.

Magnus Carlsen a renowned strategic genius has informed the organizing committee that the difference between a grandmaster and a Pappu is that the grandmaster understands the moves he is making while a Pappu blindly copies it from the book.

Meanwhile Dr’s party is busy putting together an review team to ensure that their mask for theĀ  2014 election does not repeat the mistake.