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Pak makes its terrorist database public, which includes combined population of Pak and Afghanistan

07, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Udhampur: Mohommad Naved a.k.a. Qasim is a household name in India after his recent arrest. Some Indian politicians have also started calling him Beta ji (my son) and are planning to legally adopt him, but Pakistan has squarely refused to accept him as a Pak citizen. Pakistan foreign ministry has even made its complete and exhaustive database of terrorists available for public consumption and has told US and UN that name Qasim does not feature in that database. Yesterday in a press conference with international media (excluding Indian media) Pakistan foreign ministry has claimed that it has made the complete database of Pak terrorists, available on internet as freely downloadable excel sheets.

An entry from the database
An entry from the database

Danish Farebi a senior data engineer who works with Pakistan foreign ministry told BBC – “Database of all terrorists in Pakistan which includes both state-sponsored and non-state-actors is now available freely and openly for browsing on Google Docs, Dropbox,, and other such popular and accessible mediums. People can go look at our complete database and verify that Qasim is not a part of it at all. I urge everyone to please check it yourself. Now the whole world including Endia can know at click of a button that who are the terrorists being harbored by Pakistan.” – Farebi said in a mocking tone.

He further continued – “Sad part is that almost all of Pakistan population, plus population of Afghanistan is actually the part of this database of terrorists. While this may seem like a technical glitch, it is not. All our people are either terrorists or suspected terrorists or potential terrorists or previous terrorists or wannabe terrorists.” – Farebi concluded.

While Pak may be claiming to showcase completely transparency and cooperation in its fight against terrorism, some analysts are claiming that Pak’s terrorist database might actually be incomplete.

A veteran business intelligent professional from Pakistan, Fakhru Zalfarezi who writes for several international data science magazines, said – “Whole Pak terror database was actually updated on the cloud server. Which is why some records were white-washed when it rained heavily in Pak few months back. While all of Pak and Afghan population is in there, some names of people in Endia who are supporting these terrorists are perhaps washed out due to rains.”