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Oxford English dictionary to include Narendra Modi’s reference in the definition of ‘development’

19, May 2014 By jnvarun

In a unique move post Narendra Modi’s sweeping victory in the 2014 elections, Mr. Michael Tharoor, editor of the Oxford English dictionary, has announced that he will include a reference to Narendra Modi’s Gujarat development model in the next edition of the dictionary.

Narendra Modi
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He said that the idea struck him when he heard the word ‘development’ being uttered every 5 seconds in any news coverage on Narendra Modi during the election campaign. He was amazed when his 18 month old son, started saying ‘development’, with perfect diction, before even beginning to say ‘mom’. He thanks his wife for her keen interest in the exciting election coverage on Indian news channels.

The dictionary currently defines the word ‘development’ as a noun – [uncountable] the gradual growth of something so that it becomes more advanced, stronger, etc.

With certain examples such as – • a baby’s development in the womb, or • the development of basic skills such as literacy and numeracy

The dictionary will now include another example, as follows – • the development of the Indian state of Gujarat, under the strong leadership of Shri Narendra Bhai Modi during 2004-2014

Speaking to Pagal Patrakar, Mr. Tharoor said, “We are quite excited at this idea of adding an Indian context to a common English word since more than 50% of our consumer base is Indian.”

The move saw mixed reactions from the political personalities across India. BJP supporters were seen celebrating outside the Oxford University Press (OUP) office, calling this the first sign of ‘development’ at a national level.

Reports say that Mr. Advani, now feeling competitive again, wants his reference to be added against the words ‘sulk’ and ‘senile’. Not to miss the bus, the Congress party has written to the OUP requesting them to cite Rahul Gandhi as an example of ‘youth’.

Sources have revealed that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has gone a step further and demanded that a new word be added to the dictionary with himself as an example – ‘Bhagoda’.