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Oxford dictionary to update 'Politics' meaning in dictionary

09, Dec 2013 By theghost

It has come as a decision made in a spur of a moment, however, backed by careful thought of the linguistics community & intensive real world recent citations specifically from Indian politics, that the meaning of the word ‘Politics’ be updated to a befitting concise one-liner, that should serve as an encouraging corollary to the recently enactment of ‘Democracy’.

The board of linguistics has carefully concocted the definition as follows:

Politics (/ˈpɒlɪtɪks/):

The perversion of the system of governance in a country, institution or body of people.

Citation: In 2014 Delhi elections, inspite of the quagmire of filthy politics created by Mrs. sheila dixit (Initials in lowercase, because, we attribute no respect, unlike the convention of Uppercase to names) & oppostion, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal like never before bolstered the people’s belief into democracy.

*The term shall be deprecated in upcoming editions of Oxford dictionary, as shall a new term in it’s lieu, ‘Dixitize’ be introduced referring to ‘Cleansing a plague’.