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Owaisi and Togadia embrace communism as their religion for getting absolute freedom of speech

06, Mar 2017 By Akshay Dhar

Recently, during the protests at Ramjas college and the Azaadi agitation which took place last year at JNU, there has been a continuous demand that an absolute freedom of speech shall prevail in the country without any reasonable restrictions. By observing Umar Khalid during his statements and protests, and how he got away without any charges wearing a garb of communism and free speech, Praveen Togadia and Akhbarudin Owaisi seem to have been very impressed with the JNU student.

The competitors of hate speeches
The competitors of hate speeches

A close aide of Owaisi told faking news, “We are in talks with the liberal left think tanks, AISA, CPI(M) leaders and some JNU Students who will help us embrace this ideology as our new religion so that we are able to transform a hate speech into free speech”. Similarly, Togadia’s spokesperson too said, “By embracing communism and with the help of these people, we can help ourselves with an image makeover and transform our communal speeches into secular ones.”

Also, the reason as to why Owaisi and Togadia got too carried away and emotional with the whole incident is that the fight of the left liberal brigade and AISA Students shall only be restricted to the ultra nationalists or the ideology of jingoistic nationalism. “Free” religious hate speeches shall be welcomed by them with open arms. Hence it implies, that by embracing communism under the guidance of the left liberals and the intellectual elite, it would be easy to provide a breeding ground to the radical religious elements across India and would help them propagate their radical but free ideas and agendas.

Fascinated by the whole narrative itself, some separatist elements like the one’s in Kashmir, remaining few khalistanis and the one’s in north-east too have been driven by the idea and are considering to follow the footsteps of the two religious leaders in order to propagate their ideas.