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Organizers are worried what to do with so much food if PM says “Na khaoonga na khane doonga” before dinner

04, Jul 2015 By dasu

According to our reliable sources parliamentary affairs minister Mr. Venkaiah Naidu has asked his office to host dinner for MPs of both the houses of parliament ahead of monsoon session. Mr. Naidu is hopeful during the dinner he will be able to win over the opposition MPs. He will request for their support to allow monsoon session to function smoothly without any major disturbances.

Faking news reporter met Mr. Abhijith who works as chief supervisor at the parliament canteen. He is in charge of organizing the all-important dinner.

Mr. Abhijith told us “As this is monsoon time, we do not want to arrange anything outside. We have selected parliament canteen as the venue which most of our esteemed guests love. Like college canteen we have found the attendance record of the MPs at parliament canteen is much higher than inside the house. I do not agree such rich people come here because food is highly subsidized. It is more to do with taste than price”.

“Nahi khaane dunga”

“Other day senior minister Mr. Gadkariji came to canteen even when his stomach was upset and had three plates of Khichdi with ghee instead of raitha. I feel due to blessings of such people our canteen runs smoothly in spite of charging 35 paisa per chapathi”.

Taking faking news reporter to confidence Mr. Abhijith opened up “There is strict instruction from ministry to organize everything in such a way that there is no shortage of food or beverages for anyone. I have experience & I can arrange everything nicely. My worry is if PM finds the hygiene and taste is not up to his standard, he might say “Na khaoonga na Kane doonga”. As ruling party has maximum MPs, if PM says this, they will not eat. Opposition members might suspect dal mein kuch kala hai (Something is fishy) and they might not eat too”.

“In that case what I have to do with so much food. Civilians are not allowed inside the parliament canteen. Most of our family members are already bored eating the same canteen food almost everyday as whatever remains we have to pack and take back home, we are not allowed to waste the food items prepared here”.

Mr. Abhijith told “I have assured Naidu Sir, everything will be done as per the highest hygiene standard the country has ever seen. I have personally invited best of the talents from master-chef India show to help our cooks. Mr. Gadkariji told he knows what PM likes. He will stay with me to help. He will taste all the items as and when prepared”.

“Naidu Sir says PM used to say this phase during election and have not used this dreaded phrase in recent times even after coming under intense pressure from public, media & especially Arnab. He has assured me, he will personally speak to PM to not use this during dinner time” Mr. Abhijith added.

With Naidu Sir & Gadkariji’s assurance Mr. Abhijith feels “all is well” and he is leaving no stone unturned to make the occasion grand and memorable.