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Opposition walks out of Lok Sabha, nobody notices for two days

11, Jul 2014 By The Cynic

In a not so surprising turn of events, the Congress decided to emulate the BJP’s tactics of walking out of the Parliament over to get it adjourned. However, contrary to expectations, nobody in the Parliament noted the missing ‘leaders’ until MP Shukla pointed out that a few members of the Parliament were missing.

Rahul Gandhi Sonia Gandhi
“Mom, let’s bunk today’s session.”

Our reporters caught up with the MP K.C. Shukla inquiring about this interesting find. “Well, I was just watching some *ahem* educational videos on my mobile when I realized my video buddy wasn’t around. It had been two days and I needed some new material to learn from. I called him up to find that he along with his fellow Congress members had walked out of the Parliament two days ago. Phew, if it hadn’t been for our chuddy-buddy relationship, we wouldn’t have even found out!” said MP Shukla.

“They used to bunk parliament when they were in power anyway. Now that they aren’t, we thought they were chilling out even more. My son even argues that even MP Pandey Uncle , my friend from Congress, can bunk Parliament so often, why can’t he bunk college!” MP Shukla resented.

Inside reports state that Congress is now planning to get a better strategy on how they can make their presence/absence felt.