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Opposition complains Modiji is not spending enough time on PM’s chair, more interested in foreign trips

18, Mar 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal till Delhi election got over gave minimum 4 hours of live programming feed every day and TV channels used rest of the day running those live feeds in record mode. He was so kind to media, he allowed them to cover his hair cut, shaving & nail cutting. Some news channels ran voting poll to check how many pieces of papaya he had during his breakfast. This was to check who all were actively watching their news. After he has gone for some treatment, no one is there to help media.

News channels complained to Congress high command, in the past BJP as opposition has helped them a lot and now if congress is not going to do anything, they will declare to the whole world where Rahul Gandhi is and what he is doing.

Opposition demanding answer from PM
Opposition demanding answer from PM

Madam Sonia Gandhi has instructed opposition party leaders, on daily basis they will do some protest march. Place and time Congress will decide one hour before the event and they will also arrange water and breakfast for every participant. Apart from giving some news to Indian TV channels which are starving for news, this will help in controlling the sugar & BP level of the political class.

From time to time senior leaders need to find out a cause for which protest march will happen. Soniaji was happy to know one of his senior CWC member found out, among all the prime ministers who have served the nation till now, Modiji on an average sat for only 30 minutes per day in his chair which is the least. This is way below the record set by ex-prime minister Deve Gowdaji who used to sleep in the chair instead of going back to his residence.

As they are not allowed inside the south block (prime minister’s office) when they are not on hunger strike or some protest march, smart tech savvy opposition leaders used GPS tracker to check when Modiji was inside the chamber and sitting on the chair.

Opposition charge was clear. They said that the elections were conducted to decide who was going to occupy the PM’s chair. But, here is a PM, who is more interested in foreign trips and does not like his own chair. He has already traveled to Australia, Bhutan, Brazil, Fiji, Japan, Mauritius, Myanmar, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, United States and his favorite country Nepal twice. They also hear in near future he will travel to France, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Russia, Singapore and probably Nepal again.

Opposition accuse at this rate by 2019, Modiji will be left with three places to go, Mount Everest, Antarctica & Chandrayaan. They also showed video footage of Delhi election campaign where Modiji was saying “I am not interested to occupy PM’s chair, I want to serve you”. Opposition leaders are also worried in case post 2019 election one of them becomes PM by chance, no foreign country will be interested to invite them as they would have spent so much during Modiji’s tenure.

They demand like IT companies who are good at defining global delivery model in telling every employee to work for minimum 8.5 hours per day, Prime minister needs to sit minimum of 10 hours per day on his chair.

BJP is putting a counter argument by telling how come Congress VP who has no income is able to make foreign trips so frequently. Soniaji knows where is Rahul, but cannot disclose (According to our sources due to his poor performance Rahul has been sent to bench as part of personal improvement plan and he is in India). In next protest march she has plans to discuss with Manmohan Singh & Kapil Sibal how to answer these kind of baseless allegations without revealing the truth.