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Opposition has asked Rajnath Singh to stop doing ‘कठोर निंदा’ and start taking stern actions

19, Jul 2016 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Rajnath Singh has always been looked upon as a clean personality in this ever growing age of scams, corruptions, Rahul Gandhis and the Vadras. He has always made sure that his comments are diplomatic, biased and pro Modi. Often accused of being very soft spoken and reluctant to take stern action pertaining to any violent incident, the opposition has been asking for his resignation almost every day.

We saved India from UPA by doing their ‘कठोर निंदा’ before 2014 elections. ‘कठोर निंदा’ is our lucky charm
“We saved India from UPA by doing their ‘कठोर निंदा’ before 2014 elections. ‘कठोर निंदा’ is our lucky charm”: Rajnath Singh

Many media channels have also pointed their guns on Rajnath with proof of his recent speeches. Most of the times he has been using the term ‘कठोर निंदा’ in his communications. He has done ‘कठोर निंदा’ of almost every tough situation, congress party, Kejriwal and most recently of ‘Housefull3’. It takes courage to do ‘कठोर निंदा’ of almost every incident, that too without fear. BJP leaders have come out in support of the home minister saying that doing ‘कठोर निंदा’ has brought down terrorism, corruption and communalism in India. In fact the HRD ministry is planning to introduce a full time course on ‘कठोर निंदा’ in Indian universities.

PM Modi who considers Rajnath as a binding force within the BJP ranks has always appreciated the working style of Rajnathji. In a recent interview he praised Rajnath Singh for not missing out on any violent incident and being the first one to strongly condemn the happenings. He went further to add that due to his frequent foreign visits he misses out on many national issues and current affairs, but Rajnathji ensures that India is the most proactive nation when it comes to condemning any vicious attacks or anti-social incidents. On being asked by our journalist Mr. Harneet Ahuja as to how he stays updated to the latest happenings, Rajnathji gave all credit to the news application ‘Inshorts’ which provides him cognizance of the latest happenings in a crisp manner. Congress party has meanwhile done ‘कठोर निंदा’ of Rajnath Singh and asked him to stop doing ‘कठोर निंदा’ and start taking some stern actions.